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Xmas Presents guide

December 25, 2016 0 comments

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I’m here back to wish you a very nice and happy Xmas and for giving you some suggestions for Xmas presents. For you, I selected a very particular and useful stuffs. The socks Happy Socks are very funny and comfortable, you can choose the “every day” style with a lot of fantasies or with the traditional Xmas style!

The Oblumi Tap is the kind of stuff perfect and necessary for moms or generally to have at home if you have children, nephews and in general babes that go around your home. Oblumi Tap measures temperature of your children just pointing it on the front and then by an app you’ll know if they have the fever or not… Believe me, it’s so useful!

If you travel for work, for pleasure, live the most of the day out of home, have children or just have a very busy day every day, please present to yourself Mercy Handy! It’s a sanitizing gel, a very good product and with cool, but very cool, style!

Are you still thinking about what present to your girlfriend or best friend? I tell you what to buy… It’s Bye Bra! It’s made to be hidden with very low-cut dresses. It’s discreet and invisible and each women should have it!

On the cover, you can admire one of the cutest present I got for my little Priscilla Asia. The brand is Trendy Italy and they make a very wonderful little and posh think for babes. Visit their Ig page, it’s delicious!


White heart: Trendy Italy

Socks: Happy Socks

Bra: Bye Bra

Termometer: Oblumi Tap

Sanitizing gel: Mercy Handy


Ph: Riccardo Carnevale

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