Be different.. Be Desigual!

December 30, 2016 0 comments

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Hi Guys, I’m here back to the blog after some very busy days. It’s very difficult be a mom, a wife, work and have even a fashion blog. But I really love what I do, passion in what you do it’s the secret for the success. That 2016 it was a very great great great year and I’m ready to start a new successful one.

I love be different, always, specially about fashion. And the perfect brand to sum up that philosophy it’s Desigual. I love their etno-posh style and I love the color they use. I matched the padded jacket with a Desigual leather bag. The bag’s style is 70s but it reminds me also Alpine style. That outfit is perfect to go for shopping and even to travel around and sightseeing the coldest capital city. Don’t forget to match all with a fantasy dress and with your special sexy touch! 😉


I was wearing:

Padded Jacket: Desigual

Bag: Desigual

Dress: Zara

sunglasses: Sojo Vision

Collant: La Perla


Ph: Riccardo Carnevale


#Desigual #MyDesigual #GiftDifferent


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