Her and Me

November 15, 2016 0 comments
mom outfits

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Even if Her (my baby bump) grows and grows, I never leave the sense of fashion and beauty and I never stop to do what make me feel happy and satisfied. That’s my way to live in harmony with the world and with people around me… It’s not easy at all, but woman means it by the way. Woman means be 100 people in one person and being more then often a super hero. That dress is the kind of Fluffy & Chic style I have, always, the pleasure to fit. The color is something particular but really elegant, the rest is done by the lipstick.

( Check out the black and white outfit for Mom to be )


I was wearing:

Dress: Yves Saint Laurent

Shoes: Barefoot

Lipstick: Chanel


Ph: Adriana Soares

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