Simply chic

January 5, 2017 0 comments

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Be elegant is something you cannot decide to be getting up in the morning one day. It’s something you have or not in the DNA. But, if you didn’t receive such present in your life, you can help yourself with some tricks. One for sure is to choose a total black outfit. A simply jersey matched with a leggings or a long and large skirt would be perfect. To complete the perfect look, dress up an amazing pair of earrings like mines plus a wonderful Chiama Angeli (It calls angels) and you’ll get your best simply chic outfit. The Chiama angeli will protect all the moms to be and the little babies :-)

I was wearing:

Earrings: Emanco jewellery

Chiama Angeli: Pepita Creazioni

Jearsey: Intimissimi


Ph: Riccardo Carnevale

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