How to wear overtheknee boots

November 19, 2016 0 comments
michele spanò hairstylist

michele spanò hairstylist

michele spanna hairstylist michele spanò hairstylist rome michele spanò hairstylist rome

There are 100 ways to wear OverTheKnee boots, even called cuissardes. I prefer the ones with not very high heels. I think that they are already quite “aggressive” to be posh even with high heels. The ways to wear it can be very different. You can match them with shorts, with short skirt, with little black dress for example. Absolutely not with leggings and about to wear them with jeans depend on if you are tall and small or not! 😉 😉 😉 One of the model I felt in love with is the plastic clear heels. I bought them to one of my favorite shoes’ s shop online. I suggest you to go on their platform and buy your pair overtheknee boots there… Enjoy! :-)

I was wearing:

Dress: Pinko

Boots: Public Desire

Bag: Gucci

Hair: Spanò (check out all hairstyle by Michele Spanò)


Ph: Riccardo Carnevale

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