Hey guys I’m Riccardo Carnevale,

I’m 21 and I got my first Reflex when I was 15. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t live without it anymore in my life! I see a lot of philosophy in the pictures and what I do and try to catch the perfect mix between nature and technology…

Enjoy my work!



Hey friends I’m Lucy,

I am an Angolan with French heart. I’ve worked at an oil and gas company as responsible for Management of expatriates in mission in Angola ( visa, accommodation, transport, booking flights, split paper etc). I have a master degree in Management of Human Resources. Despite of that, iam also a freelance Make Up fun and I would like to share with you all my work.

Follow me on and I’ll show you how I turn into a princess a little frog :-)

IMG_20160211_102645Let’s be honest. I hate drougs but I get drunk as much I have the opportunity. I hate do everything make me feel bored, even make the bed in the morning! It is necessary to have the desire to do¬†something if you want¬†to do it better! When I go around shopping and I read “don’t touch”, I touch that stuff two times. As all the normal women if I eat I get fat (Always!). I still didn’t get that if on the door it’s write push, I can’t pull!!! There are just few things better then sex: one of that is Pizza! :-)

Chiara Migliorelli